Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Power of the Mind - Taking You to Another Dimension

pI received the following email from price water house about a confrance about the power of mind here in Greece and thought of sharing it.
“8 April 2008
Badminton Theatre

The main theme of the conference is the power of the human mind. As many of us have been told at some point in our careers, there is no barrier to what we can achieve if only we were to put our minds to it. During this event, we aim to show those of you developing or embarking upon your careers that your achievements are in your hands. Similarly, those of you who have already achieved a great deal, may be able to discover new avenues to even greater success both personally and professionally.

The speakers we have chosen for this event are here to inspire and empower you through their individual views on life, and prove to us all that ‘the power of the mind’ really is the one tool we all need to succeed.

Career Event: The Best Meet the Best
Following last year’s success, this year the Career Event will also take place within the framework of our corporate conference. Top companies will meet with top students within the conference venue and discuss their career potential.

PricewaterhouseCoopers 2008 Scholars
During the conference we will be proud to announce the names of the students and professionals that will be awarded PwC Scholarships for 2008. This is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, focussing on the young and talented people. Our objective is to contribute to bridging the gap between market demand and relevant education. This year we have increased the number of our scholarships to 16 (from 6 last year). Applicants must submit their credentials by February 28.

This conference is directed towards high-calibre professionals and young talented people, so whether you are an Executive or Student and interested in paricipating, please click on the links below to register. Participation is free of charge.
· Executive Registration Form
· Student Registration From

For more info check thier web site



Ayman Bahou said...

I also received that email. Looks interesting. I am going for sure!

Anonymous said...

It is intersting. I recommend everyone to go there