Monday, 18 February 2008

Managing a Busy Schedule

We are always rushing to meet deadlines, wasting time at meetings, answering important emails very late and always starting projects but never getting around to finishing them: We generally feel unproductive although we are extremely busy all day.

What we need to employ are time management skills. This process, just like any other, includes planning, monitoring and implementation steps.

I created a presentation that you can download and get benefit out of it on how to manage your time successfully. It’s a great soft skill that every body should have.

You can download the presentation from here




Anonymous said...

I really like your presentation, would you please be kind and include a similar one on how to manage meetings.. i have huge problem in having fruitfull meetings, i feel that most meetings i attend are with no value

Anonymous said...

Nice presentation :)

Anonymous said...

Please post more presentation about managing time