Tuesday, 26 February 2008

E-learnig @ Latitude University

One of a classes i am attending at AIT (Athens Information Technology), is E-Business course.
Like all the courses, has its own project requirements.
This blog, by the way is initiated as an E-business project, where the team members had to define a topic to talk more in their blog. As a first homework our course professors involved us in finding a web site within the context or our blog (which is E-learning e-business area), and to elaborate in business models adopted by this website.
To accomplish this homework i referred to the "Latitude online University" "http://www.latitudeu.com". A report of the homework can be found here.

As an open training community, Latitude University, gives the possibility to everyone to share or gain knowledge. It brings together those with "teaching" skills to the knowledge seekers, and all this for free or at a low price fee.

@ LatitudeU, i found very interesting e-courses, talking about different aspects of "Soft Skill". I would recommend to the readers of this blog, to get and join LatitudeU, explore it and to benefit for its online course catalog, and please feel free to answer to the following questions:

Enjoy Folks!

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