Thursday, 20 March 2008

Today, soft skills are required in all functions of the workplace

Today, corporates are increasingly relying on e-learning to improve the soft skills of their employees. Until a few years ago, soft skills training was offered only to the sales team as these skills were equated to training in communication and client interaction. But now it is a prerequisite to all categories of employees.

A full study made by HR Magazine about e-learning and soft skills through a sample of big companies such as Reuters, Delaware North Companies Inc, US Bancorp and others stated that companies nowadays rely more on technology ways to deliver soft-skills to their employees. Globalization has played a major rule in this expansion as many companies have multinational employees and they want to teach them all sorts of soft skills in order to develop their productivity and teamwork efficiencies.

For example, more than half of the employees at Reuters News Agency are Non-native English speakers and operate in non-English native countries. That motivation created the need for developing their language skills, the reason that Reuters chose to contract with an e-learning company GlobalEnglish Corp to deliver online virtual classes and customized courses for their employees. The feedback of the program was positive and the cost of teaching each employee is about $500 a year.

You will find interesting information about more examples in this report.

Amjad Alqaisi

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